Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Movie Themed Birthday Party

A Cinema Sign

My daughter celebrated her 5th birthday in September! I threw her a movie themed birthday. I borrowed a large projector screen and projector, which we connected to our own surround sound DVD player. The featured movie was the newest Tinkerbell Movie.
 We set up the basement with maroon curtains borrowed from my mom's house. This helped with the theme and darkened the room.
 I set up a table with rope lights for the kids to purchase candy, popcorn, drinks, and bags of licorice with chocolate covered raisins.
 Each item they purchased had a price in tickets. The ticket price was written in both number form and visually displayed with the tickets themselves. This helped for the really little kids that couldn't read the price. 

 The popcorn bags were just paper lunch sacks cut with pinking shears, my mom's idea. Then I found these popcorn coasters in the 50 cent Michaels store bin. I glued them on the bags ahead of time.
 When the guests arrived, their movie ticket and the tickets they used to buy the food and drink items were in an envelope. The envelopes were in alphabetical order for my kids to hand out to the guests at the Will Call counter.
 Once it was time to start the movie showing, I had the kids purchase their movie snacks and line up in the stairwell until the ticket taker was ready. My friend, Nicole, loaned me the dark black curtains at the bottom of the stairs so that the kids couldn't see the theater until it was time. They entered through the curtain, handed off their movie ticket and then found a seat in the theater.
 I purchased large posters of different movies. I had Staples print these for me in black and white. They were quite large and only cost me $1.99 each poster. The picture frame on the left was purchased at Micheals. I created scrapbook like letters of my daughter's name and slid them into the frame.

 The kids had such a great time. My favorite part was when the kids continually said, "this is the best party I've ever been too". That was icing on the cake. My son now wants to know what movie we will be showing for his party. I haven't told him that I don't throw the same party twice. We might have to use Family Fun's movie night as a drive-in them for him.