Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

Another birthday has come and gone. My sister gave me the idea for a rainbow themed party. She called it Somewhere Over the Rainbow, like in Wizard of Oz. I ended up just going with rainbow everything!

Rainbow colored cupcakes were far easier to make than the many rainbow cake recipes I came across. I used Family Fun's recipe.
I used glass dishes to make the colored cake mix. The coffee didn't go with the recipe, however I'd highly recommend it for a beverage to accompany you while making these cupcakes. It will ensure that you stay awake while adding the batter.
 My daughter gave me the idea to roll the edges is springkles too. They were pretty when finished.
I ordered everything I could find in rainbow on Oriental Trading. The bandanas were a huge hit. The sunglasses and suckers were fun too! I also ordere rainbow crayons that the kids had fun drawing with.
The birthday girl is on the right. They had a ton of fun!

I bough the rainbow colored licorice at a local store. Not pictured are the many rainbow balloons that were hung up over the island.

 The birthday girl recieved a new bike for her birthday! It was a big surprise and now that she has been without training wheels for sometime, it was time to upgrade to a big girl bike. She won't be riding barefoot or without a helmet though. :)
The rainbow party was a success thanks to my sister's inspiration.