Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School Count Down

My latest addition of Family Fun gave me a great idea for counting down the days until school. Since my son is about to start Kindergarten, I decided to try this one out. I knew he'd love to add the school supplies to his new backpack for school. The Family Fun idea is at this link; Count the Days. I changed up the tube idea and used what I had around the house. I had old mailbox sticky numbers (unused) and decorated paper lunch sacks with a few school related scrapbook items I had around. Now I can't wait for Hayden to see what awaits him each day.

So what is inside these bags?

Bag 7: A NASA patch and a coupon good for a new backpack and a promise that I will sew on the patch. The significance of the patch is that I bought it for him while I visited the Johnson Space Center over the summer and his new school is a NASA Explorer School!
Bag 6: crayons

Bag 5: scissors
Bag 4: watercolor sets
Bag 3: markers

Bag 2: glue sticks and a glue bottle
Bag 1: Pencils and a special note from mom and dad

In a few of the bags, I added two of the items so that I could start a basket at home with the same school supplies available for homework or projects. Hayden will know right where to look for the supplies to complete his work.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Treats for the Kappas

Sweet Treats for the Kappas
Fall 2009: At least once a year I try to give the young women of my old sorority a gift on behalf of the local alumnae to either encourage them, welcome them back, or maybe provide them with a reason to do a sisterhood event together. Since Fall semester is about to begin, I've done a simple gift. I bought Tootsie Roll suckers and oatmeal craison cookies at Costco. I wrapped them with ribbon and made a quick pinwheel decoration to go on top. I can't wait to deliver these!

Fall 2008: Last fall, I put together a movie themed gift. I bought a basket at Micheals and added all the yummy snacks I would want to enjoy while watching a movie with the girls; popcorn, licorice, candy, etc.

I just hope I can get more inspirations from others to continue giving these great gifts.