Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Treats for the Kappas

Sweet Treats for the Kappas
Fall 2009: At least once a year I try to give the young women of my old sorority a gift on behalf of the local alumnae to either encourage them, welcome them back, or maybe provide them with a reason to do a sisterhood event together. Since Fall semester is about to begin, I've done a simple gift. I bought Tootsie Roll suckers and oatmeal craison cookies at Costco. I wrapped them with ribbon and made a quick pinwheel decoration to go on top. I can't wait to deliver these!

Fall 2008: Last fall, I put together a movie themed gift. I bought a basket at Micheals and added all the yummy snacks I would want to enjoy while watching a movie with the girls; popcorn, licorice, candy, etc.

I just hope I can get more inspirations from others to continue giving these great gifts.

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