Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher Appreciation-Movie Night

Thanks to many of the ideas found online for teacher appreciation week, I selected the movie night option for my kids to give to their teachers. Secrets of a Super Mommy had this idea and it was fantastic! The teachers loved it so much. My son's teacher mentioned that he carried it around to show to all the other teachers. As a teacher myself, I would have loved getting this gift myself.
I found the popcorn containers at the local Goodwill, but I also saw them at Michaels craft store. Inside the red envelope I used a regular card and copied the saying from Secrets of a Super Mommy and inserted a dollar bill.The kids put mini candy bars, licorice, and popcorn inside the containers. Check out the other ideas here that I debated on using. I realized that I will probably save those other ideas for next year. Maybe even do two gifts during that special week. This same blog has some great last day of school party ideas. I can't wait to plan one for this year. Thanks for the great inspiration Secrets of a Super Mommy!


  1. This would be fun for the Dr's I deliver to....I might have to steal this idea :)