Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Apron

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Successful "Sewing Day" Project #1: The Quick Apron

My first inspiration today came from the makeitandloveit.blogspot.com site. I was in need of a gift idea for a wedding present. I found a pattern for just the perfect addition to the purchased gift (baking pans and kitchen utensils) along with a few of my favorite recipes. The quick apron tutorial seemed like a do-able project for me. The tutorial took me step by step through the process and I hope to make myself one too soon. I made the apron with a few variations. One variation was that I increased the main piece fabric to a full yard (36 in.) and gathered it. I then doubled up the pocket to make the inside look finished, folded it over and added a removeable (for washing) safety pin with flower and button to the front. One other variation was that I used a serger for as much of the sewing as I could to avoid having to fold and refold before stitching. This did save me some time, but I don't always have a serger to borrow. I can't wait to give this gift!

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  1. I love aprons. I have a pattern that is really fun to make and very easy. All it is, is a large square. I have made one for work that is suppose to be for a 3 year old and all it takes is a fat quarter. You want the pattern>?