Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tinkerbell and Robin Hood Costumes

Halloween inspired a new sewing project. The kids wanted to go as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Hayden decided that the bow and arrows that Robin Hood carries were much more manly than the little knife or sword for Peter Pan.

Lucky for me, since the costumes were already made, the accessories were the only thing to swap out. Thanks to friend at work I was able to borrow arrowless arrows and a bow. I had the tube left over and added a rope with the hot glue gun to the top rim and drilled holes in the tube for the rope to slide through the bottom.

I did buy a pattern for the dress and shirt. I added a skirt made of tull and the rounded edges on Natalies front to look like the actual Tinkerbell. The wings came from Joann Fabric and were even green with sparkle.

Both costumes were a big hit!

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