Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tinkerbell-Princess Birthday Cake

So this blog is a few months past due. Natalie had her 4th birthday at the end of September and I tried my hand at the doll cake. I used the Pampered Chef recipe and glass mixing bowl. This worked great because I could bake the cake in the glass bowl and it came out no problem. Here is the cake before I Tinkerbell was shoved down into the cake.
That is exactly what I did too. I took Tinkerbell (the doll of choice this year) and pushed her down in the middle.
I bought premade frositing for the skirt and added green food coloring to make it match the doll. Wax paper on the plate works well so that after I finished frosing and removed the paper the plate was perfectly clean. I also attempted for the first time using cake decorating tips. This was a ton of fun and I enjoyed trying various tips to make different designs. The frosting for this step I made from scratch so that it would be the perfect consistency and added blue and red food coloring until it was the right shade of purple. I did add some purple sparkles to the skirt too.
Natalie loves to have a theme for her parties. Where does she get that from? So this year's Tinkerbell, green and purple theme was a hit. The cake tasted great too. There was even extra cake for the next few days.

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