Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Root Beer Sampler

This Father's Day the kids and I did something different for their dad (my hubby). Thanks to Gluesticks blogger Brandy for this great idea of doing a root beer sampler.

We went to a local market, Worden's Market, and found a variety of root beers. I also found the generic brand, IBC, from WalMart. It was harder than I thought to find different flavors of root beer, so I put some cream soda varieties in the crate too. Speaking of the crate, I use a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's and walked out with each crate costing only $2.50. This was a great buy! I was pretty proud of my cost savings there, since the root beer didn't come in packs . 

 The pages in the crates are the break down of what each root beer tastes like according to reviews. I liked this idea from Gluesticks and created it based on the flavors that we'd purchased.Thanks for the inspiration!
The kids can't wait to give their gifts to their dad. What fun this will be!


  1. Hey! I stumbled across your image today! I'm so glad you made this!


    1. They were awesome! I think of other ways to do this all the time. Glad you stopped by. :)