Monday, January 18, 2010

Flag Garland Curtain and Bath Mat

The flag garland/pennant idea came from Sparkle Power and Bison Girl. I love this idea and thought it might be fun to make some for my sons western themed birthday party. I haven't made those yet, but in the meantime I created some for a curtain in our guest bathroom and one for the kids' bathroom, both of which needed some color. Rather than using pinking shears around the edge, I sewed the in reverse and flipped them right side out before I added the binding. This worked pretty slick. Each triangle is 8.5" wide and 11" long. I overlapped them a little to create the curtain look I wanted. I tacked one curtain up and the other I used sticky velcro.

I then decided that the kid's bathroom didn't have enough color, so I made a bath mat using Sew Liberated's tutorial.  It really was a quick project. I whipped up the curtain on Sunday in less than an hour. I cut out the squares for the bath mat quickly and then sewed them together Monday. I am pretty pleased with the end result.I never would have thought about using a quilt for the floor, but how cute it does look and what a great place to add color. Now I'm getting spring fever to start painting the bathroom.

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